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Are you looking to renovate?

Written by Ashley Blake
Are you thinking of renovating or maybe doing a complete knock down and re build? There are so many things to consider and more importantly so many rules and council regulations to adhere by to ensure everything goes smoothly with no hiccups.

You will need all of the following in abundance: time, tenacity, patience, trust, a realistic budget plus a decent contingency reserve, clear and achievable ideas, knowledge of the industry and the mind-boggling myriad of rules, warranties and insurances.

You’ll need a water-tight contract that has been scrutinised by a lawyer, excellent communication skills and an open mind.

Oh, and one of the hardest essentials to secure right now: a builder.

Don’t assume a good builder is easy to find

For anything over $5000, you want to know the builder is a qualified professional, well-connected to other tradies, and with a portfolio of projects you can touch and admire.

First, catch your builder. In a time when every other street and industrial zone is clogged with tradie trucks, and when the Federal Government has $50 billion in construction on the go, how do you find your builder?

As with many service needs, word of mouth is a great place to start. A referral from a friend can often be the winning ticket.

Be realistic about your time frame

Because everyone – including the currently busy architecture area – is competing for the best builders, don’t expect that even if your plans and permits are ticked off, you can find a professional to start tomorrow.

At the very least three months will elapse between initial contact and on site action.

Be realistic about the real-world price

Labour and material costs are expensive! Remember to keep this in mind when going over quotes from builders and always get at least 3 quotes to compare.

To be involved on site or not to be involved?

There is an industry joke that the best jobs don’t involve a client at all. Of course you need to be available if the builder has any concerns or questions but It’s a good idea not to get too involved in the job and not get in the way of the builders.


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