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Home maintenance hacks

Written by Ashley Blake
First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home! Buyers can take one look at an untidy and slightly damaged home and instantly be turned away. When simply spending some time fixing the small issues such as wiping the walls down and fixing leaking tapware could ultimately sell your home!

We came across this great blog from Cameron Bradshaw from BPI Sydney South on the most common issues he sees at homes when conducting building and pest inspections. Most of these items can easily be fixed with minimal time and cost and ultimately add value to your home.

Leaking or damaged Tapware
When taps are leaking water it can leave unsightly stains not to mention the wasted water, which can be costly. A new tap will help to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Damaged Cabinetry
Damaged cabinet doors in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry can make the room look older than it is and buyers may think a total replacement is required. Tightening or replacing hinges is a low cost fix that will ensure all doors are opening smoothly and don’t appear to be defective. Painting cupboard doors and replacing handles will provide an instant facelift and a more contemporary appearance for minimal cost.

Kitchens sell homes. Damaged benchtops look terrible and they can give the appearance that an expensive new kitchen is required. Countertops are an important aspect of the kitchen. Chips, stains and cracks can easily be repaired with DIY benchtop transformation kits available at hardware stores. It’s also relatively inexpensive to replace a benchtop.

Not only is mould unsightly it is also a health hazard and let's be honest it can make a room feel unclean. Treating mould is simple with bleach or vinegar. If you find it has stained the paint then it’s probably a good idea to paint the area with mould resistant paint to prevent further growth.

Cracked Walls
When interior and exterior walls contain cracks or holes it can impact how a home presents during a property inspection. Cracks may alarm potential buyers but usually don't indicate any underlying problem. These cracks can be easily filled and rooms painted, which will improve the overall appearance.

Doors and Door Handles
In older homes, one thing we find is that doors are often overlooked during home maintenance. Holes in doors or damaged door knobs are common. Replacing door handles and repainting or replacing doors can help to transform a room.

Roof Leaks
A damp spot or stain on a ceiling is a sure sign of a leaking roof. Often a roof leak is caused by something as simple as a tile that’s out of place or cracked. Viewing the roof from inside the roof cavity while someone sprays water on the outside of the roof will quickly pinpoint the leak. Once the leak is repaired remember to paint the ceiling to remove watermarks.

Dirt and grime in bathrooms is unsightly and in an older bathroom it can give the illusion that an expensive bathroom renovation is needed. Cleaning shower screens, baths and tiles can take years off the room. A fresh coat of paint treated with mould inhibitor will work wonders for the room also.

SOURCE - BPI Sydney South

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