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Do you have a flexi-hose in your kitchen or bathroom?

Written by Ashley Blake
It costs as little as $10, lurks beneath hundreds of household kitchen and bathroom sinks across Australia, and could cause thousands of dollars' damage if it is not checked regularly.

Did you know that flexible braided hoses accounted for 22% of water damage claims in Australian households in 2017, with the claims most likely to be for kitchen and bathroom damage.

Do you have a flexi-hose in your home or investment property and if so when was the last time you had it checked? With a lifespan of between five to ten years, it is recommended to get all your flexible hoses checked by a licensed plumber every two years.

What is a flexi-hose?
A flexible water hose, or ‘flexi-hose’ is a versatile hose commonly installed in modern homes and to replace standard copper pipe installations in older homes.

Found in connections from the wall outlet to taps, sinks, basins and tubs, flexi-hoses are also used to connect water from the toilet stop tap to the cistern.

Constructed in outer braided layers of stainless steel with a rubber pipe interior, the flexi-hose — as its name suggests — is designed for its malleability and can be shaped to meet a range of home plumbing hardware solutions.

Here are a few tips to ensure your flexi-hose is maintained!

- Flexi-hoses have a limited lifespan and should be replaced every every five years

- When purchasing products with flexi-hose, be sure to check out the warranty period

- Having new flexi-hoses installed by a licenced plumber is more likely to safeguard your home from leakages, ruptures and leaks

- It’s also worth considering having your current flexi-hoses checked by a licenced plumber to ensure the integrity of the product, their approximate age and when they should be replaced

- Schedule regular self-maintenance checks of all flexi-hoses and if one is compromised, consider them all requiring replacement

- Turn off the water main when you’re going away, even if for a weekend — and show everyone in your home where the water main is and how to turn it off in case of an emergency

SOURCE Article based on information from Plumbing Connection

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