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Storage solutions that will change your life and your bottom line

Written by Ashley Blake
In our modern consumer culture we have suddenly found ourselves being surrounded by “stuff”. Clothes, furniture, technology, toys…the list goes on.

More and more buyers are placing greater emphasis on the importance of storage solutions when looking for their next property. Built-in wardrobes which were once an exception, have now become the rule and we are seeing a trend whereby good storage can make or break the sale of a home.

Can effective storage solutions really impact the price you receive for your property?

It’s hard to put a dollar sign amount to the impact good storage will have to your properties’ value but the existence of storage absolutely affects the buying decision. You don’t want to give potential buyers any grounds to discount the price they will pay for your home. If there are no notable storage solutions then of course they would be factoring that in as something they would need to do themselves. Having fantastic storage solutions will improve the competitiveness of your home which ultimately does speak to the value.

Top three common trends in storage solutions in the market at the moment:

1. Butlers pantry’s – whether it be a full butler’s pantry complete with sink, dishwasher and cooking appliances or a partial butler’s pantry, this is certainly a growing trend. A butler’s pantry adds to the prestige of the property and is something buyers increasingly have on their wish list
2. Study nook – another very common trend is having a study nook near the living area of the home. It’s a place where we can store iPads, phones and paperwork and more importantly shut it off out of sight when needs be
3. Garage storage solutions – We have seen elaborate storage solutions that provide space up and over the car bonnet! It’s quite remarkable what options are available.

In addition to the common trends, here are a few trends becoming popular:

- In-roof storage – this type of storage has always been popular but people today are thinking more about how they can utilise the entrance points. Making roof storage easy and accessible is becoming more of a priority
- Creative garden sheds – the days of the simple garden shed are over and have been replaced by structures that are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also provide greater functionality
- Wardrobe fit-outs – today’s wardrobe fit outs are next level. People have learnt to utilise the space a lot more and really think about how it can more effective

Here are a few storage tips if you are planning to renovate or build a home:

If you are planning on building or renovating your home be sure to factor in storage as part of the planning process. Look at the bigger picture and how the storage solutions are going to work.

Think about the end user – what are their needs going to be? Spending a little bit of time incorporating storage plans in to the bigger picture will certainly pay off in the end.

And finally, if you are selling your home make sure you are showcasing how these storage solutions can enhance the buyer’s life! It’s all very well and good to have fantastic storage solutions in place but if potential buyers open a cupboard in the inspection process and it’s piled high with clutter they won’t really see the benefit. You need to demonstrate to the buyer how they can utilise every space in the home and paint a picture about how it could work for them.

SOURCE - RER Network

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