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5 timeless property styling ideas that never go out of style

Written by Tearne Madden
Keep it minimal

It’s no secret that we love a minimalist design scheme. A clutter-free home is not only more aesthetically pleasing, it also helps you decompress. Minimalist homes are often the most fulfilling to decorate because each furnishing has to be chosen with care. The result is a home filled with quality, classic pieces that are built to last.

Stay neutral

Remember the avocado bathroom trend of the 70s? Proof right there that it’s usually better to stick to a classic colour palette. In fact, a neutral colour scheme can give just as much depth and interest as a bright or bold one. Neutral colours are also calming, easy on the eyes and show off bright accents better. You can dress them up for each season, but they never go out of style.

Comfort first

It could be the most beautiful home in the world, but if it’s not liveable it’s missed the point. Even the most modern designs need to be comfortable first. Plus, it always looks luxurious to layer up plush cushions and throw rugs (throw in a scented candle or two and we’re in business).

Only natural

You will never see wood go out of style (we can’t say the same for linoleum). Natural furnishings and finishes look inviting, can be more sustainable or eco-friendly, and last a lifetime with proper care. We love natural accents like slate, wicker and bamboo.


Property styling aims to have potential buyers envision themselves living in the home. What we don’t want them to do is walk in and see the property purely as someone else’s home. For this reason, it’s important to remove any family photographs or that antique cabinet gifted by your grandmother. However, in saying this, homes are a bit like people: without a personality, they are just dull. So, don’t forget to inject character with artistic prints and textured furnishings.


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