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Tips for Selling Your Home in Spring

Written by Sarah Newton
Thinking of selling your property? Spring might just be the perfect time to do so. In real estate, its very commonly believed that spring is the best time of the year to sell. With the sun shining and flowers blooming, it makes your property look its best.

Keeping your property well maintained and presented on open inspections will help to ensure your property stands out to the many other properties on the market. A good real estate agent can help you pinpoint the stand-out aspects of your home, so that you can play them up for inspections. Here are some spring selling tips to help you kick off your property sale.

House Selling Tips to Maximise Buyer Interest

Make a Good First Impression
The exterior of your property is where it all starts. Make sure you put in that extra bit of effort in this area as this is where the first impressions and assumptions are made. To improve your curb appeal; take good care of your lawn by trimming hedges, fix up any dead patches of grass with fertiliser and pull out all those nasty weeds. Even planting new flowers and plants can increase the appeal to the exterior of your property, and is definitely something to consider. Flowers such as daffodils and tulips are a great choice if you decide to plant some flowers, because yellow is associated with feelings of optimism and happiness.

When adding new flowers and plants to your property, keep in mind you don't want to get cluttered. Also, if you have any large trees that block the view of your property, consider trimming stray branches where necessary. If you are not too sure on your gardening skills, its always a good idea to hire a professional gardener as it will pay off in the long run. Getting someone with experience with gardening can be very helpful as cutting large trees can be very dangerous to do on your own. A simple spray-down of the exterior of your property with a pressure washer can work wonders, and is another great way to improve the presentation of your property. This will also help to get in all those nooks and crannies that usually get neglected over the years. It can be very easy to overlook the exterior of your property but buyers will notice everything, so by keeping your property looking clean and presentable it can potentially change the amount of interest in your property.

Maximise the Property’s Interior
Make the most of the spring sunlight by ensuring that it bounces off of clean surfaces. This includes cleaning any chrome fittings, floors, mirrors, glass and doorknobs. By doing this it will leave a great impression on potential buyers. Neglecting these areas will lead to the sun highlighting any areas where dust has accumulated over time. If you are ever unsure of what you can do to improve the interior of your property, you can always speak to a qualified real estate agent about how to best prepare your home for inspections. A real estate agent will know how your home stacks up compared to other local properties, and can help you emphasize its best features.

During spring, you also want to make the most of the sunlight by opening blinds to let the sunlight in and brighten your property. Opening windows and sliding doors is also a great idea to let the light in as well as some fresh air. Fresh air is always a great way to make your property smell great as sometimes air fresheners can bother buyers with allergies. To further benefit from the spring season, position vases of freshly-cut flowers throughout the home. This will help appeal to a buyer’s senses with the combination of bright colours and delicate fragrances.

Increase Buyer Interest with Colour
Increasing colour within your property is a very powerful way to not only intrigue potential buyers, but also influence their mood. Bright, light, cheerful colours can create an uplifting atmosphere. Simple things like replacing old bath mats or cleaning sofa covers can go a long way in the presentation and brightness of your property. A fresh coat of light, pale paint can also bring out the best in your home by making spaces seem larger.

No matter when you choose to sell your home, it’s important to be willing to adapt to the season and circumstances. Spring provides an abundance of advantages to sellers, helping you appeal to a buyer’s wish to make a fresh start.

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