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Open House Etiquette

Written by Sarah Newton
When preparing your home for an open inspection there are a few aspects to consider in order for you to get the best results. This includes removing pets, de-personalising the property, bringing in greenery and keeping up appearances.

Some tips on what you should do before an open for inspection.

Remove pets
Not only should you take your pets elsewhere during the inspection, but you should also remove all traces of your pet. This includes fur, and any other mess your pet leaves behind. This is important as anyone could walk in and if they are allergic to your cat or dog, making them sneeze throughout the whole inspection couldn't be the best first impression. It also gives your property a cleaner feel, which will make prospective buyers feel more comfortable in the property if they are not used to pets in the home.

De-personalise the property
Too much personal clutter can make it hard for a potential buyer to imagine themselves living in the property. Keep in mind that buyers want to be able to build an emotional connection. These prospective buyers will want to envision themselves and their furniture in your property. So remove any items that make the property look like yours.

Bring in greenery
By simply introducing plants and flowers into the home, it becomes very easy to present a warm and inviting environment. Adding a vase of flowers on the kitchen bench, or a potted plant in the living room it can not only completely transform the space but also add a fresh smell.

Keep up appearances
You should also make sure you present your property in the best way possible with clean floors, tiles, walls and surfaces. Also open up the space by opening curtains, windows and any sliding doors for a fresher smell and warmer feel.

Its also a good idea to repair any obvious problems, even if they are just minor. This will be beneficial for your properties first impression and overall appeal.

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