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Preparing your home for sale

Written by Ashley Blake
When asked what needs to be done to an owners home before selling, their response is often, "just a quick tidy up and we are ready to go on the market." Most owners often look at their home through rose coloured glasses when preparing their house for sale. They have lived in the same home for many years and the chipped paint, overgrown garden and 80's wallpaper is often overlooked as they simply don't even notice it anymore! A buyer on the other hand who is viewing your property for the first time, does notice these imperfections and instantly judges your property...for all the wrong reasons.

The first step is to disassociate yourself with your home and try and look at it as if you were a buyer. What would you be impressed to see if you were walking through the home for the first time. Likewise, what would turn you off?

Although you love your personal photos hanging all around your home, buyers don't feel the same way! Pack them away as it will allow buyers to imagine themselves in your home without being distracted by your personal photos.

This one is a no brainer but it needs to be said...declutter! Pack away all your knick knacks, clean papers etc off the kitchen bench top and take magnets off the fridge. This is a great opportunity for you to go through your belongings and throw out or donate what you don't need! Of course if you can't bare to part with it, pack it away while your property is on the'll probably find that you didn't miss it and end up parting with it anyway!

You've gotten used to that leaky tap for the last year and the hole in the wall the dog did, but a new buyer won't be so lenient! Make sure all minor repairs are fixed prior to any inspections! Don't give buyers any reason to remember your home as "that home with the peeling paint"!

Unfortunately you can't wave your magic wand and the house be sparkling clean (unless you hire a cleaner of course) but if you stay on top of it after the initial big clean it won't be too much of a daily hassle. A clean, fresh home is much more appealing than a dirty, dusty place!

Lastly, be your biggest judge! Scrutinize everything from how the furniture is arranged, the paint on the walls, the smell and the atmosphere. Put your buyers shoes on, walk in the front door and ask yourself, is this home appealing, is it welcoming and do you want to go inside?

Looking at your home from a buyers perspective will help to prepare your home for sale and showcase it's best features!

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