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Gardening hacks

Written by Sarah Newton
If you want to, or are already starting to grow your own garden at home, we have some surprising hacks you may not have already heard of to help your garden flourish.

Divide the seedlings
When you buy a packet of seeds, usually you get quite a generous amount at once. Although it’s tempting to use them all, ideally you only need to use 2-3 seedlings at a time. Seedlings are sold in packets because seeds are inexpensive and it looks a lot better than just buying three small seeds. If you plant too many seedlings together, it leads to the plants competing for light and nutrition which will distort their growth in the long run.

Use good potting mix
A common mistake of buying the cheapest potting mix and calling it a day. The cheaper potting mix’s available usually aren’t the best for your plants and are as good as sawdust. To get the right potting mix, look for a small red and white logo stamped on the corner of the bag. This stamp identifies that the potting mix is up to Australian standards. It may cost a bit more but you will know you are giving your plants what it needs to grow.

Prepare your pots
You need to ensure you are giving your plants adequate drainage so they don’t drown. In order to ensure this, get your empty pot into position and then use plastic packing shims to raise at least five millimetres under the base of the pot for drainage. You can ensure your pot is even by using thinner shims (three shims for round pots and each corner for troughs) as this will encourage your plant to grow straight.

Plan seasonally
A majority of people think to grow summer crops you plant them in summer. A good tip is to plant your seeds before the season starts. If you want your summer plant to grow its best, plant the seed towards the end of spring. So you can grow a garden successfully it’s important to be prepared and plan ahead.

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