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Having fun at home

Written by Sarah Newton
Right now is the perfect time to develop a new skill, practice an old talent or get to those jobs you just never seem to have time for. Staying at home is just as fun as you make it, so here are some ideas of what you can do in your home.

1. Bake!
You are never far from your kitchen these days so take advantage of it. Pull your apron out, get creative and make a masterpiece. This will certainly entertain you for a while whether you are a born baker or a novice, it can be fun for everyone.

2. Make a DIY gym
There are lots of great websites and YouTube videos out there that can show you how to exercise within your home, no equipment needed! If intense exercise isn’t your thing you could even try yoga or some relaxing meditation.

3. Video call your friends and family
It’s important to stay connected with your friends and family at times like this. Video calls are one of the best ways to do so. There are many applications out there such as Facetime and Zoom that can help you connect with your loved ones. If you usually go have coffee with your friends on a Saturday morning, why don’t you organise to call your friends at that same time? Make your own coffees and spend time together just like usual but within your own home.

4. Clean
This might not sound like the most exciting activity but I’m sure there is something in your home that needs tidying and has been pushed of for what seems like forever. It could be cleaning out your wardrobe of any clothes you don’t wear anymore to cleaning the gutters.

5. Support your local cafes and restaurants
Even though we can’t sit down and dine like usual, you can still order your favourite coffee, or meal take away and keep your favourite businesses alive. This can be fun for the whole family as you dine at the comfort of your home with your favourite foods

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