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Design mistakes

Written by Ashley Blake
From choosing paint hues to selecting the perfect furniture pieces and deciding on finishes, there are countless decisions to be made when creating your dream space.

There are so many choices to make that it’s near impossible to nail every single one. However there are some design mistakes that can and should be avoided at all costs.

Rushing the design process
Things take time so allow your renovations and decorating plans to evolve and be fluid. Try things out, plan ahead, do your research, ask for other opinions or find an expert. Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or a small styling project, pace yourself and investigate all your options to seek out the best options and products you can find. Your home should be a reflection of you so allow it to be a work in progress.

Poor rug placement and size
A good rule of thumb is to always have at least the front two feet of a sofa or armchair on the rug, which connects everything in the space. A 2x3m rug is a good all-round size, however you should always measure the space and work it out proportionally to get it correct.

When working out a rug under a dining table, measure the table dimensions and add approximately 60cm to each side to allow for the chair to be pulled out.

Improper proportions of lighting elements
One of the most common mistakes seen in people’s homes relates to scale. Getting proportion right is so important to help define a space and one of the most common applications of this relates to lighting.

In most cases, bigger is better. If your ceilings are high, it’s essential to create something that has enough volume to fill the space. And if your ceilings are lower, then use pendants or wall lights to create a sense of intimacy.

Inconsistent interior themes
Mismatching different styles and losing consistency throughout the home is a common design mistake. Start by establishing a concept through styles, colour palettes and design features that strongly resonate with you and use it as guide to ground you.


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