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Are you a messy person? Interior trends to avoid!

Written by Ashley Blake
We would all love our home to look like it came straight off Pinterest or an interior design magazine, but reality is for most of us that’s just never going to be the case! Whether you are not so tidy or just don’t have hours to get the look right (and keep it that way), perhaps steer clear of these style trends!

Side tables with no storage
In a world where you are neat, your bedside table will include all the pretty things, and look like something straight out of a magazine. But without storage, a bedside table can end up full of all those things that nobody wants to see when they first roll over in the morning.

Visible clothing storage
Sometimes closing racks and open cupboards are necessary – if, say, you’re living in a rental with limited wardrobe space, or if you have more clothes than can physically fit inside. If this is the case and you’re prone to being messy, perhaps opt for a free-standing wardrobe, so at least your mess will be hidden away. Clothing racks can look great but not for you, messy friend.

Open shelving
Open shelving may look great on Instagram, but in reality it can be a nightmare. How long do you give it until you’re shoving things in wherever they fit?
It’s also not very practical, and requires everything that would normally go into your drawer to be aesthetically pleasing.

Glass cabinets
Like open shelves, glass cabinets put your world on display. So you need to make sure that all the items behind the glass are things that you want people seeing. Plus, if you use glass cabinets in high-traffic areas, you need to regularly clean them so they’re fingerprint-free.

Glass and industrial fridges
Forever popular in outdoor areas, these fridges can look great when stocked full of coordinated, neat drinks. If you’re a grab-and-go type of person, this might not be the way to go.

Open vanities or bathroom storage
Just like the kitchen, bathroom cupboards can also be a source of clutter. Open bathroom vanities may be great for producing elegant storage areas, but you need to make sure your supplies are organised in hotel-like fashion for the whole thing to look complete. If you’re on the messy side, you might be better off with closed vanities that offer lots of storage.

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