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Rules with Pets in a Property

Written by Sarah Newton
Pets are a large part of our lives and most of us can’t live without them. However, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities around having a pet in a property. Here we have 3 common questions home owners often have when purchasing or leasing out a property and having pets.

Is it possible for the Owners Corporation to prohibit an apartment or unit owner from having a pet?


However, the Owners Corporation does have the ability to set rules and expectations around having a pet in the property. For example, prohibiting pets in common areas, there may be size requirements for the pet, must be completely vaccinated and the pet be suitable to unit living as recognised by a vet.

Can an Owner prohibit their Tenant in a strata property from having a pet?


As an owner and a landlord, you have the grounds to reasonably refuse pets in your property. However, this is provided as long as you stay compliant with the associated by-laws. It is important to remember to not discriminate against a tenant because of a support animal.

In a free-standing property, does an owner have the ability to prohibit a Tenant from having a pet?


However, you must also recognise that if the property is associated with a strata scheme, the landlord is required to remain compliant with any by-laws as mentioned earlier.

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