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12 Updates for your home in 2021

Start the year with a fresh mindset by considering the 12 updates we have compiled below,

1. Refresh your paint
When was the last time you gave your house an up-do? A simple coat of paint can completely change the atmosphere.

2. Get a fresh pair of eyes
If you want to update your home but just don’t know how, another opinion always helps. It can be hard to see what to change when you have been living in your home for so long. The help of a friend or even an interior designer can help create some new ideas.

3. Deep Clean
Go through your wardrobe or any storage spaces and get rid of the items you never seem to use. Start 2021 with a fresh and clean mindset.

4. Organise
After a deep clean, organise what is remaining so you know what you have and can find it easily in the future.

5. Fix small things
Do the skirtings need to be repainted? Does your bathroom need attention? Are there any lightbulbs that need to be changed?

6. Hang some art
Add some interest to those empty walls and make your home feel homey.

7. Add new textiles
Re-vamp old linen, buy new cushion covers or add a throw blanket to your bed. Little changes like this could make it feel like a whole new room.

8. Think about storage
Are you using your storage effectively? And is there more ways you could be using this effectively.
9. Update your outdoor space
Maybe you want to add a new feature such as a fireplace, or update your outdoor furniture.

10. Add a ceiling fan
Cut costs in 2021 with a more cost- effective cooling system

11. Re-organise your bedroom
Switch your furniture around to feel like you are in a completely new space

12. Landscaping
Whether it’s adding flowers and growing a vegetable garden or simply mowing the lawn, it can all make a big impact to the visual appeal of your home.

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