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Selling in Autmn

Written by Sarah Newton
Knowing when to sell your home can be a tough decision to make. Each season has good reason for it to be the perfect time to sell and with autumn just beginning we have highlighted the benefits for you below.

Buyer Interest
There will be buyers looking all year round and especially after summer. As the heat begins to ware off many more prospects become available to start their house hunting. Those particularly in plenty, are those who have just sold their homes in summer or spring. This group of people are in a position where they have to buy and can be considered the prime group of interest.

You will not risk the summer heat impacting your buyer’s decision to go to the beach instead of your open for inspection. Similarly, you are also unlikely to get the equivalent of cold and wet winter days where buyers don’t want to leave their homes. Autumn provides comfortable temperatures, potential blue skies as well as consistency and stability. The scenery in autumn is also another point of interest, with trees at their best demonstrating their warm colours as the leaves turn.

Less Competition
There is usually fewer listings in autumn which provides an opportunity you should take advantage of. The small competition can help you get the best from your sale.

You are also likely to only attract serious buyers and therefore have a better idea on how your sale is going. In the warmer months, you will find a higher amount of people attending inspections which can make these months appealing. However, usually these people have no intention of buying and are just looking for the sake of it.

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If you are still unsure if now is the right time to sell your property please don’t hesitate to contact Ian Gray on 0419170685 or Lochie Craig on 0408211780 or email [email protected]

For further information and advice, please browse the Newton Real Estate website. Be sure to also view our property market updates for each postcode.

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