Emergency Repairs

Please read your lease and familiarise yourself with what is classified as an emergency repair. An example would be a burst water service, a blocked or broken toilet, a gas leak, flooding, serious storm damage, any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure or a loss of an essential service. Emergency repairs can also be logged through the Maintenance Manager system outlined above.

Turn the water off at the tap near the hot water service to avoid further flooding. If it is a house the water may be turned off at the main which is the tap on the water meter located on the front boundary of the property – Contact our office or emergency number.

If you lose power, please make sure by checking your meter box that the safety switch has not switched to the off position. This will happen if you have a faulty electrical appliance. If this happens unplug all appliances and then plug them in one at a time until you find the faulty appliance. Check that there is not a black out or maintenance being carried out by your electricity supplier before requesting an emergency repair.

For emergencies please call the office, which is open Monday to Saturday, during business hours on 9524 0777.

Scott Buxton Plumbing 0419 418 726
Australian Gas and Hot Water 0419 626 926

Luxe Co 0422 538 531
Ascent Electrical 0418 162 963

Australian Gas and Hot Water 0419 626 926

At Call Locksmiths 0418 277 124

The cost of call outs for lockouts and lost keys are your responsibility and payment must be made directly to the locksmith at the time of callout.

For after hour’s emergencies please log these through the Maintenance Manager system and also contact us as soon as possible on the next working day advising us of the nature of the emergency and the tradesman contacted.

If you are unable to get in contact with any of the specific emergency numbers above that you require, please call our Senior Property Manager, Kerrie Walker on 0424 157 258 and leave a message and you will be responded to as soon as possible.