Information for Tenants

Should you be interested in renting one of our properties you will need to click the Apply Now button on the rental property you wish to apply for. You can view the full list of our available rental properties here. This will prompt you to register your email address on the 1Forms website and from here you can fill in all your information electronically and attach supporting documents such as ID, bills and tenancy references. 1Forms will securely save all your information for any future properties you wish to apply for. It is crucial that all information provided is correct as all applications are fully checked prior to approval.

All rent payments are payable in advance as per your Residential Tenancy Agreement via Direct Debit.

Paying your rent with Newton Real Estate is free and easy using our Direct Debit system. You will be required to sign the Direct Debit authority containing your bank account details when signing your Residential Tenancy Agreement. It is important you keep us updated on any change to your nominated bank account.

If your direct debit is returned unpaid you will be notified by SMS and will be required to contact the office to make arrangements for the Direct Debit to be taken again when funds are available. Alternatively, overdue rent payments (only) will be accepted at the office and can be paid via Eftpos, money order, bank cheque or credit card. A fee will apply to all credit card payments. No other rent payment will be accepted over the counter.
If, at any time you are unable to make a rental payment, on or before the due date, please make immediate contact with our office or you will be charged a $9.00 dishonour administration fee plus your standard bank dishonour fees.

You must pay your rental bond prior to signing the lease. After you have paid your deposit to us, you will be sent an email from Rental Bonds Online. If you already have an online account with them you will be sent a temporary code and instructions on linking your new bond lodgement to your online account. If you do not have an account you will receive an email with a link which you must click on and you will be shown how to create your bond online. We will be notified when your bond is paid.

Throughout the period of your tenancy, Newton Real Estate will need to inspect your premises. You will be sent a letter confirming a date of the inspections. Should you wish to attend the inspection or need to change the date please contact your Property Manager at least three (3) days before the scheduled inspection date. These inspections are beneficial to both you and the Landlord as we are able to assess any maintenance problems that may arise. The first inspection will take place approximately 3 months after you have moved in.

The Landlord may accompany our Property Manager on the inspection and photographs may be taken.

When we notify you of the impending inspection there will be a “Routine Inspection Guide and Maintenance Request Form” attached to our letter.

It is important that this form is completed and the Smoke Alarm marked as operational or not. If you are not going to be home please leave this form, completed and signed, on your kitchen bench.

At the beginning of the tenancy either we will arrange or the owner will arrange to have the smoke alarm checked to ensure it is operational. During the tenancy, you are responsible for replacing batteries in a battery operated smoke alarm and to notifying our office if the smoke alarm is not functioning properly.

It is a breach of the Residential Tenancy Agreement if you remove or interfere with the operation of the smoke alarm or if you fail to notify us of the failure of the smoke alarm. If you do not respond to a call by the Landlord or alarms company in relation to the smoke alarm, access to the property must be given with 2 days notice of our intention to carry out this work. If you do not respond to this notice we will use the office set of keys to access the property.

Newton Real Estate retains a duplicate key to your premises for required access. However, it is advisable that you make private arrangements regarding the location of a spare key in the event you lock yourself out of your premises. Should you require the services of a locksmith if you lose your keys or if you lock yourself out, the cost of this service call is your responsibility and payment must be made directly to the locksmith at the time of call out. No lock can be changed without the permission of Newton Real Estate or the Landlord, and then on the strict understanding that we are supplied with a copy of the new keys.

At the start of your tenancy you will be given a Condition Report, which will have been completed by this office at the commencement of your tenancy. Please check this Condition Report thoroughly. Please read our instructions in relation to completing this Report which is attached to the front page. If you disagree with anything on this Report please ensure that you mark the correct box with an “N” and write a comment as to why you disagree.

All signatories to the lease must sign the condition report on the last page. This is also where the water meter reading is located if you are renting a property which allows for water usage to be paid. Please check that the water meter reading is correct. Further instructions on the completion of the report can be found on the top of the report.

The signed report MUST be returned to this office within seven (7) days of the start of your tenancy. The Condition Report is NOT a request for any maintenance work to be carried out. It is merely a report on the condition of the premises, at the time you take possession of the property. The refund of bond monies may depend on the accuracy of the Condition Report. Make sure you retain your copy of the report. Should you fail to return the completed Condition Report within the said seven (7) days, the original condition report shall be deemed to be a true report as to the condition of the premises upon taking possession of the property & will be used at the time of the outgoing inspection.

It is your responsibility to connect the electricity, phone and gas in your name for the duration of the lease and again to terminate services at end of your tenancy.

At no time should a tenant have the electricity or gas physically disconnected at any property at the time they vacate, especially when that property has a security system or swimming pool. Please ensure that you have the account finalised on departure.

Newton Real Estate does not take any responsibility for any of your utility services or costs if you neglect to connect or disconnect any of these services.

To save you time when you are moving in, MyConnect can help you arrange your utility connections for Phone, Electricity, Gas, internet and pay TV. This is a free service. To contact MyConnect call 1300 854 478

We endeavour to respond to all requests promptly, however, most repairs require the Landlord’s approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a delay may be experienced on some occasions. In some instances the Landlord may not approve the repairs, so please do not assume your request will be automatically approved. If a tradesman is not able to gain access to your premises after confirmed arrangements have been previously made by you, the cost of the service call will unfortunately be passed on to you for payment.

Unless otherwise negotiated, when renting a house, terrace or semi-detached cottage, the upkeep of gardens and grounds are your responsibility.

Please note that verbal requests for repairs will not be accepted at any time, unless in the case of an emergency.

How do I report maintenance issues?

– Search for “Tenant Maintenance Reporting” App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download for FREE


Go to the Maintenance Request page on our website and click the link at the top to login to Maintenance Manager

Create your own account using your email address and selecting a unique password.

When an issue is identified:
– Open the Tenant Maintenance App or Tenant Web Portal
– Click “Report an Issue” on the App or complete the form on our webpage
– Select the type of issue
– Write a detailed, specific description (or use voice to text input on your mobile device)
eg. Do NOT just put leaky tap, is it the hot or cold tap, shower or bath, etc. The more details the
– Take a photo(s) or add a file (if required)
– Click “Send Request”

How will I know the status of my request?
Once you have submitted a maintenance issue using the App or Web Portal, you will recieve a confirmation email with the details of your request.

If the request progresses, you will also recieve emails to advise what is happening, when trade suppliers have been assigned, which trades person will be attending to the job and the scheduled date for the work etc.

You can also check the status of the job at any time on either the App or Web Portal as well as view any past requests.

Job completion and verification
Once the maintenance issue has been attended to, you may receive an email to advise you that the trade supplier has informed us that the job is complete.

If you receive a verification request, please respond and let us know if there are any issues with the work that has been done. You can confirm completion using the App, Web Portal or via the email link.

Where possible, please attach a photo of the finished job for the property manager and landlord. You can also add a note to the property manager if required.

Please read your lease and familiarise yourself with what is classified as an emergency repair. An example would be a burst water service, a blocked or broken toilet, a gas leak, flooding, serious storm damage, any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure or a loss of an essential service. Emergency repairs can also be logged through the Maintenance Manager system outlined above.

Turn the water off at the tap near the hot water service to avoid further flooding. If it is a house the water may be turned off at the main which is the tap on the water meter located on the front boundary of the property – Contact our office or emergency number.

If you lose power, please make sure by checking your meter box that the safety switch has not switched to the off position. This will happen if you have a faulty electrical appliance. If this happens unplug all appliances and then plug them in one at a time until you find the faulty appliance. Check that there is not a black out or maintenance being carried out by your electricity supplier before requesting an emergency repair.

For emergencies please call the office, which is open Monday to Saturday, during business hours on 9524 0777.

Scott Buxton Plumbing 0419 418 726
Australian Gas and Hot Water 0419 626 926

Matt Keene Electrical 0401 315 097
Ascent Electrical 0418 162 963

Australian Gas and Hot Water 0419 626 926

Geoff The Locksmith 0400 808 887
At Call Locksmiths 0418 277 124

The cost of call outs for lockouts and lost keys are your responsibility and payment must be made directly to the locksmith at the time of callout.

For after hour’s emergencies please log these through the Maintenance Manager system and also contact us as soon as possible on the next working day advising us of the nature of the emergency and the tradesman contacted.

No alterations to the property are to take place without approval from the Landlord. This includes placing nails, screws, sticky tape or blue tac on the walls.

Tenants renting properties that are separately metered for water, such as houses and some townhouses/terraces, will be charged for the water usage they incur during the period of the tenancy. Newton Real Estate will issue all applicable tenants with a quarterly water usage invoice with a copy of the original Sydney Water invoice. Please ensure that you pay Newton Real Estate direct and NOT Sydney Water for the invoiced amount within twenty one (21) days of the date of invoice.

Newton Real Estate strongly suggests that you personally insure your personal belongings, against any loss, damage or theft. The Landlord has no obligation to insure your personal belongings and the Landlord’s building insurance will not cover your household contents.

Are you going away on holidays? If so, it is always a good idea to let us know when you are going and when you will be back & any emergency contact numbers.

It is a legal requirement that you provide us with your Notice to Vacate in writing. We recommend that you use our Vacate Notice, which can be emailed to you, as it provides us with all the information that will be required when vacating. You can fax, post or email the relevant Vacate Notice to our office. Please ensure that it is signed by all tenants on the lease prior to returning.

When giving notice & deciding on your vacating date, please ensure that you take into consideration the time required for cleaning, carpet cleaning, rubbish removal & gardening etc. This must be completed on or before your vacate date.

Failure to do this may impact on our ability to have the property ready for the next incoming tenant and may delay in refunding your bond.

In addition, rent is payable and will be charged for each day after your vacating date that you require access to the property.

When you notify us that you are vacating we will provide you with a “Guide to Vacating the Premises”.

Please take the time to read through this guide and mark off maintenance, repairs and cleaning as you do them to ensure that the property is left in a clean and well maintained condition. Alternatively allow us to arrange cleaning quotes for you.

Once the keys have been returned we will attend the property to conduct the outgoing inspection. If you would like to be present for the inspection please contact the office to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Keys must be returned on the last day of your tenancy otherwise rent is payable for everyday until the keys are returned. Do not leave the keys in the property. All keys must be returned to the office upon vacating so that we know you have officially vacated.

If you pay water usage we will do a final water meter reading at this time and will notify you of the amount of water usage to be paid.

Ensure that your rent is paid to the vacate date to avoid delays in refunding your bond. Your bond cannot be used as rent – refer to clause 49 of your lease.

You can download the vacate notice here

It would be appreciated if you could provide us with your new phone number as soon as practical and keep us informed of any change to these details including email, home, mobile and work numbers. When you receive our letter advising you of a routine inspection the attached “Routine Inspection Guide” will request any changes in the above information. Please make sure the guide is completed and left on the kitchen bench if you are not going to be present for the inspection.

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract, which provides protection to both you and the Landlord. The Residential Tenancy Agreement may be terminated by you in the following ways:
If you intend to vacate at the end of your Residential Tenancy Agr