Possibl Partnership with Newton

In these times of change the team at Newton Real Estate are always on the lookout for opportunities to help our current and potential clients

One of the concerns we are hearing right now is that property owners want to get their property ready to market but don’t have the funds available to get the work done

That puts the owner in a predicament of either selling the property “as is” and not realising the highest price or drawing on expensive credit card funds to get the property ready for sale

The team at Newton Real Estate have been looking for a simple way of making the road to getting the best price for your property easier and cheaper

Well, that’s where our new partnership with Possibl makes it, well….possible!

Possibl can provide, quick and easy, short term finance to fund property preparations, marketing and basically any cost associated with selling your property with the funds repaid on settlement of the property

The big bonus is that the home or investment property value can be maximised with no upfront costs

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Please note, for full disclosure, that we may be paid a referral fee of approximately 1% of any loan you establish with the Possibl group. This enables us to recoup the costs of managing this service for you and making it easy and, well, possible!