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Tips for moving house in the rain

Written by Ashley Blake
It’s a familiar scene. You’ve booked your removalist a month in advance, and are planning the perfect move, but on the day Mother Nature decides to intervene. Unfortunately, you’re just going to have to move in the rain.

So how do you make it as painless as possible? Put your own safety first Most importantly you need to get yourself through moving day intact. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you and your family/friends/movers are safe.

• Wear sturdy boots with a heavy tread, and consider wearing gloves – gardening gloves would work well to give extra grip in wet conditions, (your furniture and plastic boxes will be more slippery than normal).
• Use old sheets in place of plastic drop sheets. Wet floors at the entryways of your home become dangerous and slippery during a rainy move, so use old sheets on hardwood floors for traction. Plastic sheets aren’t a good option as they will get very slippery. •
• Drive carefully. If you’re doing the move yourself, rather than using a professional removals company you are probably driving a truck that is much bigger than the vehicle you are used to. Take it slow, and take extra precautions on turns, and in situations with a lot of traffic.

Use the right boxes
Protecting your stuff should be top of the list. Cardboard boxes lose their structure and ability to protect your items when they get wet. You’re better off hiring plastic moving boxes or buying some from your local store. Plastic boxes not only remain rigid in the rain, but they are also water resistant, so the stuff inside will stay dry.

If you do choose to use cardboard, make sure to hold the boxes from the bottom for support, and keep them out the rain as much as possible.

Do you have moving insurance?
This is a good time to look into moving insurance. During a wet move, it’s much more likely that your items will get dropped, and it goes without saying that water damage is more likely. Moving insurance is expensive, but often a good investment, particularly during heavy rain.

Remember, removalists are insured for public liability insurance, third party property & motor vehicle insurance – not your items!

Top tip: Note that although most removalists are insured for public liability insurance, third party property and motor vehicle insurance, these forms of insurance do not cover your items.

Moving insurance is separate, and it’s designed specifically to cover household goods being moved from one house to another, including any periods of storage. If your removalist does not offer moving insurance, you can arrange it separately through the big insurance companies, like Allianz or Zurich.

Protect your home
Protecting the home you are moving out of or into is also important. You don’t want to have wet boxes and furniture all over your new abode.

•Use old carpets or towels to protect hardwood floors and carpets.
•Move all of your stuff into one or two rooms close to the entrance.

This will limit the amount of water and leaves that are tracked inside.

Sure, you would have preferred a clear day for your move, and yes moving in the rain will be a pain. But if you plan ahead and follow these simple tips, you’ll get through it just fine. Think of the story you’ll be able to tell once you are safely in your new home!


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