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Staying Connected

Written by Sarah Newton
During isolation, it’s important to stay connected with your friends and family even if you can’t see them all at once. Here we have given you some creative ways to interact with your loved ones at these crazy times.

Zoom and Houseparty

Zoom was originally created to be used for workplace scenarios. As many people do use it to help working from home easier, it has also become a way to socially connect with others. Zoom is easy to use and allows you to connect with numerous people at once. It can be great for sharing meals or to just catch up with your friends.

Houseparty is a very similar application that allows you to video call up to eight friends at a time. It also has added features that allow you play games on the app with your friends while chatting. Houseparty is very easy to use and also lets you know when your friends are available with notifications that let you know when they are in the app.

Teddy Bear Hunts
A trend that has started in neighbourhoods all over the world is putting a teddy bear in the front window of your home. The idea is that when children are on walks with their parents, they can spot the bears, helping them to stay entertained. If your neighbourhood hasn’t already, you could start one of your own!

Online Classes
There are lots of online classes popping up recently to help you stay entertained. Some business like Cork and Chroma have started online painting classes, some gyms have virtual gym classes available and there are even plenty of cooking classes you can join. All you have to do is look for them.

Netflix Parties
If you are wanting a movie night with your friends while in isolation, Netflix Parties are the solution. Netflix party is a google chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with your friends. It synchronises video playbacks and has a chat box you can talk to your friends with while watching any movie of your choice available on Netflix.

Online Gigs
Many music artists have taken to social media to encourage self-isolation and social distancing. Many artists are playing their music to encourage young people to stay at home and party, with the help of Instagram Live and Instagram TV. Triple J for example have gathered over 40 artist to stream live on their Instagram.

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